B. Marie Photography | About

Hi There!!

I'm Brittany :)  I started this amazing journey into photography about 7 years ago. It has been a crazy and fun filled 7 years. I honestly started this as a hobby. Just doing pictures here and there for friends and family. But then i fell in love.... Isn't that how it goes? haha. In this time i have not only shot just about everything imaginable but, i have also met some of the most amazing people. and had the opportunity to be apart of some absolutely breathtaking moments. And for that i want to say thank you!

Some things you should probably know about me before hiring me.....

Yes, I'm Kind of bossy.-- I'm the oldest of well.. a lot of children so it comes natural.

I'm very ADD so yes we could quite possibly be talking about several things at once.

I can be extremely goofy and will do anything to get your kids to smile 

(I"ve been known to belt out some "let it go" or talk about boogers)

Unless I'm coming to your wedding, I'm probably wearing jeans and a T shirt or hoodie. 

(being a stay at home mom, this is dressing up for me. I don't take my job any less seriously, PROMISE!)

And probably the most important thing you should know....

I Absolutely love what i do! I spend a lot of time planning out what i want to do for your session because each and every one of my clients are extremely important to me. Most feel like an extended part of my family. I get so much joy out of seeing your faces or reading your comments when you see your photos. it means so much to me that you have given me the opportunity to share your family for that time. So again, thank you to my AMAZING existing clients, your time and patience has made me who i am today. and Thank you to the rest of you for reading this novel! Have a lovely day ya'll :)--- Britt